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Troy Lake

Founder / Personal Trainer

Favourite fitness quote: “100% of people, that put in 100% of the effort, will get 100% of the results, 100% of the time”

Type of training clients can expect: no workout is ever the same

Favourite exercise: press-ups

Go-to healthy snack: protein powder mixed with Greek yoghurt (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)

Favourite thing about fitness: there are SO many different exercises

What can’t you live without: my partner Vic and our dog Dolly

Favourite naughty meal: roast dinner

Interesting fact: My Personal Training career took off whilst traveling around the world

Victoria Pearson


Favourite fitness quote: “never miss a Monday”

Where will we find you: you’ll see me as a friendly face at the workouts rather than being coached by me

Favourite exercise: deadlifts

Go-to healthy snack: raspberries with greek yoghurt

Favourite thing about fitness: how it enhances your life

One thing you can’t live without: cake

Favourite naughty meal: proper chips!

Interesting fact: love to travel. I’ve been to 33 countries & counting..

Melissa Hunter

Personal Trainer

Favourite fitness quote: “feeling sore is the most satisfying pain”

Type of training clients can expect: creative and fun

Favourite exercise: mountain climbers

Go-to healthy snack: Maltesers protein shake

Favourite thing about fitness: various different career paths

One thing you can’t live without: Playstation

Favourite naughty meal: chicken parmesan

Interesting fact: I started out as a Sports Therapist and have worked with a number of professional footballers


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