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Don’t worry! We know you might have a few burning questions about getting started. We’ve tried to answer as many of them here, but if you have any other questions, please get in touch.


Will my workouts be tough?

The workouts are challenging, so that you see quick and visible progress. But, they are also tailored and progressive. You’re in safe hands.

Where will my workouts be held?

The workouts are held in our fully equipped gym in Redcar (unless you’re training with us online).

I haven’t exercised in a long time, will I be okay?

We very often work with people who have exercised before, but lost their way and are looking to get back in to a more structured routine. We also work with people who have never exercised before.

I suffer with a recurring injury, can I still workout at TROY’S?

Injuries are nothing new to us. We will work with you to work around your problem area and adapt exercises if necessary.

Who will I be exercising with at TROY’S?

We work with normal, every day people. The people we train are friendly, welcoming and none judgemental…Just like us!

What kind of exercises will I be doing at TROY’S?

You will be doing plenty of exercises that you may have done, or heard of before. But, we also use a lot of different training techniques and equipment to keep your body guessing and the results flowing!

What are the goals of the workouts?

The aim of the training is to burn fat, hit your individual goals and targets and have fun at the same time.

Are the workouts tailored to me, or generic?

When you work with us, it’s not a one size shoe fits all method. We’ll be taking care of your individual goals and targets.

Can I exercise with the team at TROY’S, online?

Training with us is super flexible. Therefore, we offer a full online service, where you can train with us anywhere you like.

What days/times can I workout?

We offer a number of different workout days and times to suit your schedule.

What should I wear for a workout?

Normal gym attire is fine. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of trainers and something comfortable to wear.

What do I need to bring to a workout?

We recommend that our clients bring a bottle of water, maybe a towel and definitely a smile! We’ll take care of the rest…


Can I eat pizza on a weekend!?

We teach you how to incorporate our methods in to your daily life, so that you can still enjoy the things you love. This is not a diet programme, it’s a lifestyle. Something you can do now and forever.

Does TROY’S cater for dietary requirements?

Yes. We have a wide variety of options to suit. Our coaches are also well versed in certain food preferences and needs.

What are the core principles at TROY’S?

Exercise, nutrition/healthy eating and accountability/coaching. We leave no stone un-turned.

How many people has TROY’S helped?

You are following in the foot steps of hundreds upon hundreds of males and females just like you.

Is TROY’S for everyone?

This isn’t for everyone. There is a high commitment level, but the results are incredible. If you’re prepared to work hard, we would love to help you.

How will I stay on track and focused?

The reason you’re here is because you want to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle. We want you to know that we are 100% committed to helping you achieve that goal.

Our dedicated team will be optimising your diet/training and holding you accountable, so that you get the results you have signed up for.

How fit do I need to be to start?

Your best is the best. It’s all about taking you from where you are right now and improving you over time. We work with beginners, intermediates and also more advanced exercisers.

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