When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

14th November 2021

Should you workout first thing in the morning?Is it best to exercise around lunch time? Should you train before dinner? After dinner?

The answer to this is SIMPLE…

The absolute, undisputed, BEST time for YOU to exercise is…WHEN YOU CAN!

If science were to say that based on your goals, training at precisely 7.23am each day was the absolute optimal time to train, but in your life you can’t train until 9.30am, does that mean it’s not worth training at 9.30am?! Of course not.

Similarly, if you read an article that told you for your goals, training in the evening is optimal, but you have to take your kids to clubs, make meals, do jobs at home etc in the evening….does that mean that working out in the morning is a waste of time?! Again – of course not.

If there’s any difference in training at a particular time of day, it’s minimal. Especially when you compare getting it done vs not getting it done.

So the bottom line is:

The best time for you to train, in order of importance, is when you can CONSISTENTLY:

1 – Fit it in
2 – Perform at your best

That’s it.

This is one of the reasons we run so many workouts per week at TROY’S. Ranging from early in the morning to late at night…so you can fit it in regardless of shift work, hectic lives, commitments etc.

Don’t worry about WHEN you train…focus on actually training and getting it banked, consistently.

As always, if you need a little more guidance with your health and fitness journey, just drop us a message.

Stay healthy,



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