Times Of Uncertainty: Health & Fitness Survival Kit

6th October 2021

Listen, I get it. It’s tough to stay on track with your health & fitness goals during these uncertain times.

However, you simply cannot continue to eat more, exercise less and slip back into old habits. It’s time to draw the line, before it’s too late…

First of all, let’s kick off with 5 ways to continue feeling heavier, unhealthy, less confident, lazier and with even worse fitness levels:


Getting into a routine of lazy ‘jim jam’ mornings means you may be starting your day with laziness, lethargy and fitness losses.

Try this instead: Get up at a regular time, hydrate, get active (workout for 20-60 mins) prep a nutritious breakfast for you and your family and get some fresh air!


If your activity levels plummet, but you carry on eating the same quantity of food (or more), well, you can guess the outcome! That weight isn’t going to fall off easily, or on it’s own, but is 100% preventable.

Try this instead: Adjust your fuel intake. If you’re not as mobile right now, you’ll not be burning as many calories as you would normally. So, get conscious about how much you’re eating. If the scales start to go up, it’s time to ‘re-jig’ things.


If you stay inside all day, every day and barely talk to anyone, your brain is not active. You’ll become more and more bored, likely eat in excess and be less mobile and motivated!

Try this instead: Get out and exercise. Even going out for just a brisk walk once a day will have a positive impact on your mental health as well as your physical health, motivation and life in general.


Sitting around all day, watching TV and eating junk? You know how this one ends! With a more overweight and lazier you! I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but, it’s reality and this will be your reality if you don’t get a handle on things NOW.

Try this instead: Spend more time planning healthy meals, honing your culinary skills, exercising, doing things to further your career and less time demolishing chocolate bars while binging on Game Of Thrones!



This is a big one. There are lots of things you can’t control right now. However, if you allow yourself to lose control of things that you can control, you’re at massive risk of spiralling.

Try this instead: If you have lost control somewhere (maybe you have lost your job, or had a breakup, or you can’t do your normal routine) take control back somewhere else. Get better in the kitchen or workout. Do something to keep you feeling more in control and less like the carpet has been swept from under your feet.

I can GUARANTEE if you don’t start taking action on the above right away and get in a healthy and fulfilling routine, in a few weeks or months, you’ll wish you had!

Now let’s look at 4 things for you to do instead that we teach here at TROY’S:


If it isn’t in (or as close as possible) to it’s natural form, avoid eating it. It just adds (more) stress to your body to try process and eliminate it. That stress is going to take pretty much all of your energy from you (probably more than you currently have).

Try living off vegetables, fruit, decent cuts of meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds for the next few weeks and notice how much better you feel.

2 – MOVE

Here’s the deal, generally speaking, the lower the intensity, the longer you have to do it for. If walking is your movement ‘medicine of choice’, that’s fine – BUT, you’ll need a little longer and at least get the heart rate up a bit.

Next time you feel low, try and move AS SOON as you can. Typically, tired people question movement as an energy provider, until they actually do it and find themselves feeling more energised than any caffeine hit they have had!


Step away from the sugary drinks, energy boosters, caffeine full tea and coffee. If you’re drinking these, keep in mind you will need even more water to at least try and dilute them.

Make H2O your best friend. 2 litres a day (minimum).


I’m all for a party and having a good time (TROY’S xmas party circa 2019!!) I’ve had holiday’s and nights out that I will never forget and there’s plenty more to come, I’m sure. However, in order to be able to do this, I have to keep myself in check at least 80% of the time, keeping my body nourished and hydrated. If you’re drinking alcohol most days, eating fast food and over indulging in ’empty calories’, your joy is your pain.

So, that’s it. It’s now time for you to take back control using the steps highlighted above. If you do, it’s a guaranteed path to feeling more positive and your energy and willpower will be strong.

As always, if you need a little more guidance with your health and fitness journey, just drop us a message.

Stay healthy,



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